Download student list

As a University Administrator, you can download a complete listing of all student enrollments in all courses within your University. This information can be used for many purposes by downloading the CSV file to your spreadsheet program and sorting the information, or using Excel's powerful analytic tools.

In the Administrator's Site Management menu, click on Courses.

Click the Enrollments CSV link to download the file.

The CSV file download will appear in this way:

What can this information be used for? Whatever you wish!

  • Getting ready to enroll students via the bulk upload feature? Use this list to ensure that you're putting the new course into the students' existing account (and not creating a separate account accidentally by using a different email).
  • Sort, or filter, by student name or email address to view all of the courses a specific student has enrolled in, and the current status of each.
  • Find students who have enrolled in a free course, and use this information to market your paid courses to them.
  • And much, much more.

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