Create custom profile fields

University Subscription Level

As an Administrator, you can create custom Profile fields to be used by your University's Instructors in their courses. 

If you would like to collect information (beyond name, email address and time zone) from students as they enroll, you can identify the information you'd like to collect. Instructors will then be able to select these fields during course creation and automatically gather the information during the student enrollment.

Note: Custom Profile Fields can only be used during normal enrollment processes using a price point (or $0) enrollment link. Data cannot be collected this way through the bulk enrollment process.

Instructors do not have the ability to create new Profile fields. As Administrator, you will create any/all Profile fields for your University, and then Instructors may select one or more of those fields to use in their course.

  1. Click on the Site Management menu at the top of the account screen.
  2. Click on Profile Fields.
  3. Add custom profile text fields in the fields provided.
  4. Click the Add Profile Field link to add additional fields.
  5. Use the drag bars to change the field order, if desired. 
  6. Use the trash can icon to delete fields.
  7. Click the purple Save button to save your input.

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