Copy a course to an instructor's account

University Subscription Level

As an Administrator, you can move copies of courses from one Instructor account to another. This is helpful, in that you can keep all "master" copies of courses in one account and then copy a course into an Instructor's account to be used to train a student cohort.

  1. Click on Site Management at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Courses menu.
  3. Search for the course you would like to copy (by Course ID, Course name, or Instructor name).
  4. Click on the course name to select it.
  5. Click the "Copy Course" button.
  6. Use the "find a guide" search box to search for the Instructor account which will receive the course copy. Select the Instructor's email.
  7. Click the "Choose"
  8. Click the purple "Copy Course" button to confirm.

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