Ruzuku Payments - Subscriptions: failed payments and student cancellations (Stripe)

Student subscription payments may fail when billing their card is attempted, or they can cancel their course subscription completely. As course Guide, here's how the notification process works.

Failed Subscription Payments

Students will automatically receive an email notification if any regularly-scheduled payment fails to be processed through your Stripe account. Stripe will attempt to charge your student’s credit card according to the default or custom calendar schedule you have programmed in your Stripe account.

Failed payments will appear on the Students Dashboard of the course, in the Payments section, as “payment attempt” and will show the attempt number, “1 of 3”, “2 of 3”, “3 of 3”.

If the student’s payment fails after 3 attempts, you and your student will receive an email notification, and the cancellation will be displayed on the Students Dashboard Payments section. Your student will not, however, be automatically removed from the course. You may remove the student from the course at your discretion by using the Remove From Course button in the Students Dashboard.

Student-Cancelled Subscription Payments

If your student cancels his/her subscription payment, you’ll be notified by email, the cancellation will be displayed on the Students Dashboard Payments section, and the student will automatically be removed from the course at the end of the payment period. For example, if the student has paid through July 31, then he/she will be removed from the course at the end of day on July 31.

You can cancel a student’s subscription from the Students Dashboard Payments screen. Cancelled subscriptions cannot be reinstated after cancellation.

Refunds and Course Reactivations

You can refund subscription payments from the Students Dashboard Payment screen.

You can reinstate a student previously deleted from the course by clicking the Activate Student button in the student detail of the Signups screen.

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