Student subscriptions and payment plans

If you have subscribed to Ruzuku's Up-and-Comer or University account and your Stripe account is integrated with Ruzuku, you can establish a recurring subscription for your course. Please refer to the related article below.

If you are looking to offer a payment plan (ie 3 payments of $99 each), that function is also available with Up-and-Comer accounts that have integrated a Stripe account with Ruzuku.

Otherwise, if you don't have an Up-and-Comer account with an integrated Stripe account, you can set up payment plans outside of Ruzuku, and then invite participants into your course after they've begun paying you.

Here are some ideas for setting up payment plans outside of Ruzuku:

  1. Use a PayPal subscription button on your website. 
  2. Use Moonclerk to create a subscription button on your website.
  3. Use a shopping cart that supports recurring payments, such as 1ShoppingCart or InfusionSoft.
Here are your options for then bringing participants into your course on Ruzuku:
  1. Invite participants individually by entering each email address into the Invite Students box on the Student Management dashboard of your course.
  2. Provide paid participants the Free Price Point "enrollment link" (from the Pricing tab of the course editor). Send this link to people who sign up for your payment plan. You can include this link on the thank-you page they see after purchasing, or send them the link in the confirmation email they receive after paying you.
  3. Integrate Ruzuku directly with your shopping cart, if you use one of our supported carts (currently Stripe and PayPal).

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