Case study: building community with Joan Dempsey

Reading about how to build learning communities is an important step to engaging your students. But we know that it's a big topic. 

That's why we asked Ruzuku power user Joan Dempsey to talk about some of her experiences building learning communities on Ruzuku.

In this short 16 minute interview, Joan covers:

  • Why building learning communities are essential to the student experience.
  • What types of discussion questions to ask, where to ask them, and how to get students to answer them in Ruzuku.
  • Examples of building community that don't work as well in practice as they do on paper.
  • How to build an alumni community on Facebook after the course is over.
  • Tips on how to build a learning community in your first Ruzuku course.

Hopefully Joan's experiences will give you some ideas that you can implement in your course!

Case Study - Building Community with Joan Dempsey from Ruzuku on Vimeo.

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