Build community outside Ruzuku

In addition to Ruzuku's built in community tools, there are lots of ways to build community outside the Ruzuku platform. Some of the most popular are:

  • Facebook groups
  • Accountability groups

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a great way to build community with your students. Because your students are (hopefully) spending time on Facebook each day, it's easy and natural to interact with others in the group. 

Some instructors prefer to use Ruzuku solely as a means of delivering content, and encourage students to post, interact, and answer questions in the Facebook group.

Other instructors like to keep the discussions and learning community inside the Ruzuku course, and transition their students into a bigger alumni group on Facebook once the course is over.

A word of caution: building an active Facebook group (either during the course or for alumni) takes quite a bit of hands-on management in the first few months. Be prepared to post daily questions, encourage people to join the group and post their own questions, results, or progress.

Accountability Groups

Another way to encourage community outside the Ruzuku platform is to ask your students to pair up or find accountability groups. There are several ways to facilitate accountability partners or accountability groups. One of the easiest ways is to provide a space for people to say they're looking for a partner or group, and encourage them to reach out to others who might be a good fit. 

This can be done over email, but we have also seen instructors use a discussion prompt on an activity at the beginning of their course to help students find accountability partners.

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