Build community inside Ruzuku

Ruzuku has several built-in tools that will provide ways for you to connect to your community. They are: 

  • Discussion prompts on specific activities
  • Course-wide discussions
  • Email notifications
  • Live events (available with Up and Comer plans)

Discussion Prompts

Discussion prompts are a great way to ask your students to think about what you've taught them in a specific activity, or to take action and report back on the results. 

Many Ruzuku instructors use discussion prompts as a way to encourage students to actively use the information they've just learned. 

Depending on your subject matter, it may also be a great idea to encourage students to comment on each other's responses to a discussion prompt, as well.

Course-wide Discussions

In addition to discussion prompts on specific activities, each course has a general Discussion page (accessible by clicking the Discussion link in the main navigation bar at the top of the course page). 

The Discussions page is a place for your students to engage each other in conversation about any topics covered in the course, or to ask general questions.  They can start conversations, ask questions, or share links, resources, and insights.

Email Notifications

When you or a student reply to a comment or post, an email notification goes out to everyone participating in the thread. This is a great way for you and your students to keep up with conversations without having to log into the course every day.

As the instructor, you can also choose to receive an email whenever someone posts anything in your course. In the beginning, you might wish to receive an email immediately whenever someone posts in your course. Over time, however, you may find it more efficient to receive a daily digest of all new posts or comments.

Live Events

One of the best ways to build community is to host live events where your students can interact with you or with each other. Hosting office hours, Q & A sessions, practice sessions, or even workshops live are all great ways to foster connection with your students. 

At the Up and Comer level, Ruzuku provides both teleconference and video webinar options to host live events. If you are not on the Up and Comer plan, you might consider using Google Hangouts,  Zoom, or other services to host and run live events.

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