Design the first and last course lessons

Your first and last lessons are crucial because they provide your students with lasting impressions of you and your course. It makes sense, then, to spend a few minutes talking about what makes a good first and last lesson!

Designing Your First Lesson

The first lesson is your students' first impression of you and the community at large. We suggest you use the first lesson to do the following things:

  1. Welcome your students.
  2. Help them get oriented to Ruzuku.
  3. Introduce the course.
  4. Invite them to introduce themselves.
  5. Ask for feedback.

These activities are what we’ve come to think of as the core of the first lesson. It covers the basics and gets people moving with a low amount of effort.

Designing Your Last Lesson

The last lesson of your course is the final impression you’ll leave with your students. Most people tend to judge past experiences on how they were at their peak and how they ended. Since the ending experience is highly valued, it makes sense to focus on its content. 

We have three things we like to include in the last lesson:

What You Hoped They Learned

The first thing you should consider including is an overview of what you hoped people learned. No need to rehash everything you covered in the course -- just a few important tidbits from every lesson. 

Next Steps

Make sure that your students have a clear path to follow after the course is over. This could be as simple as re-iterating a next action step or asking them to join an ongoing Facebook group. You could also suggest another course OR private coaching. Don't leave your students hanging - be sure they know what to do next!

Reminder to Give Feedback

We also like to remind people to give feedback. You can add a survey directly into an activity, use the discussion prompt, provide your email address, or even a combination of all these tools.

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