Use webinars in your course

Live events are one of the best ways to add value and engagement to your online program. Some instructors choose to teach their entire curriculum via live events, while others use events to engage with their students.

The decision to include live events in your course is entirely up to you. They are not required for successful programs, but they can be a big help! 

Host a Call

One of the most popular ways to use live events is to schedule a weekly office hours or Q & A call. Hosting a weekly call provides an opportunity for your students to ask you directly for help, or to get some advice in working through an issue. Some students prefer direct communication instead of emails, and they'll be more likely to ask questions during the event than email you about it.

Many instructors also enjoy the opportunity to get to know their students during these calls. And it can help students connect to each other, as well.

Present Content

Another popular use of events is to do some - or all - of your core teaching via a video webinar! For instructors who are used to giving in person presentations or workshops, it's often easier and more comfortable live via a video webinar. 

The live event mimics the experience of speaking directly to an audience and eliminates spending time creating a bunch of course materials. Many instructors who are just getting their first course off the ground will choose to present their content via live video webinars for just that reason.

Technology Options

How you choose to interact with your students during your events will depend on the software you use to host your events. If you're on Ruzuku's Up and Comer plan, you already have both teleconference and video webinar options available to you.

The teleconference option allows your students to hear you, and at your discretion, you can also hear your students. This is a great format for a Q & A call, where you can unmute your students to allow them to ask their question out loud, or to talk through an issue they're having.

The video webinar option allows you to broadcast your webcam or a set of slides to your students. They'll be able to hear you and type in the chat box, but you won't be able to hear them. This is a great format for a teaching presentation, where you are doing most of the talking and stopping to answer questions as they arise in the chat box.

Need help?

Figuring out how to include events in your course can be challenging. If you're stuck for ideas, or want a second opinion on your idea for a live event, just email our Customer Success team at We'll be happy to help!

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