Free training series on Ruzuku

Our goal is to help every independent expert become competent and successful at creating, selling and teaching online courses.

Available Anytime

5 Steps to Your Online Course

This course will help you define a clear focus for your course, ensuring that you put your clients' needs first.

3 Steps to a Wildly Successful Online Teaching Business

This course will help you think through your whole online business model, and identify concrete action steps for building your online audience.

Rock Your Ruzuku

This course goes much deeper into how you can use Ruzuku, as well as other tools, to create effective, engaging, and profitable online courses. 

Available at Select Times

30 Day Course Creation Challenge

This course takes you step by step to go from course idea to course finished in 30 days. If you're interested in attending our next live session, you can get started with this free presentation: Roadmap to $5K.

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