Include copyright, confidentiality, or release of liability forms in my course

It's always a good idea to be clear with your students about who owns the copyright to your course materials, as well as any refund or guarantee policies you have in place. Depending on the type of course you teach, you may also want or need a confidentiality form, privacy policy, terms of service policy, or release of liability form from your students.

One way to present this kind of information to your students is to require them to fill out a form or read and check a box acknowledging your policies. 

If you are selling your course through your own website, you may be able to build a capability into your sales process.

If you are selling your course directly through Ruzuku, there is unfortunately no mechanism for inserting a form or confirmation of reading policies into the registration process.

However, you can and should include that information in the welcome or introductory lesson of your course. It's a good idea to use this first welcome lesson to reiterate important information such as copyright rules, refund or guarantee policies, and any confidentiality, privacy, terms of service, or liability issues that touch on your course or course material.

If you wish, you can use a third party software to embed a form into your welcome lesson. You cannot withhold content until someone completes the form, but you can encourage everyone to fill out the form before proceeding with the course.

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