Make a lesson available to students before main course begins

If you are running a Scheduled course type on Ruzuku, you may have noticed that you can publish your course and open it for enrollment before your course lessons are published. We designed Scheduled courses this way to give you time to sell your course before the actual start date.

Many instructors run Scheduled courses, and many instructors like to include a welcome or introductory lesson before the actual main start date for the course. This is easy to do on Ruzuku. 

Let's say that you plan to run a 6-week course starting on March 1st. Go to the Schedule tab of the course editor and set the start date for your course for February 15th, because that's the first day a student will be able to enroll.

Your first lesson will publish on March 1st, since that's the day the course starts. But, you also want to give your students a welcome lesson before March 1st.

To do this in Ruzuku, create a new lesson before the March 1st lesson. Schedule this new welcome lesson for February 15th. 

Now, everyone who registers on or after February 15th will be able to access the welcome lesson right away. And, they'll still get the first lesson of your main content on March 1st.

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