Compare Ruzuku to Pathwright

Ruzuku and Pathwright are two options for coaches, authors, bloggers, speakers and other independent experts who are creating online courses.

Pathwright is an online course platform that is hosted for you at Pathwright was founded in 2012 by Greg Taylor and Paul Honson .

Ruzuku is a course platform that is hosted for you at Ruzuku was designed by user experience consultants Rick Cecil and Abe Crystal, Ph.D., and launched in 2011.

Pathwright is designed to help educators launch their own online school. According to the Pathwright website, you can “Launch your own, branded online school with engaging online courses that reach students all around the world.”

Pathwright allows you to structure and post the content of your online program (such as audio recordings, articles, and downloadable files.) Pathwright is commonly used by companies and experts who specialize in academic topics and specialized business topics. Examples of schools and courses listed on include integralCALC (an online math school), Academy Medical (which trains medical salespeople), and GetElected (a voter-education startup).

Ruzuku is designed to support online courses or group programs in which many people go through a structured, step-by-step program together. For example, a blogger who has written popular posts about using LinkedIn to find new career opportunities might create a 6-week course on “Using LinkedIn to Take Your Career to the Next Level.”

Here’s an example of of an online course hosted on ruzuku:  Your Best Self: The Proven Path to Self-Discovery [this self-study course is free, and you can register to see a live example of how the ruzuku platform can be used in practice].

Ruzuku is commonly used by experts and companies who offer courses in the areas of art & design, crafts, health, creative business, personal development, and professional skills, among other areas.

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