Find a post or comment from a specific person

If you're looking for a post or comment from a specific person in your course, try this:

  1. Go to the activity page where you would expect to find the post/comment.

    For example, if I'm taking a photography course, and I think that my friend Sarah has posted in the activity on "The basics of lighting," I'd go to that activity in the course.
  2. Next, use the "Find" function in your web browser to search for the name of the person whose post/comment you are seeking.
    1. On Windows, use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-F.
    2. On Mac, use Command-F.
  3. Every instance of the name you are looking for will be highlighted for you.  Now you can simply scroll through until you find the comment you are looking for.

    For example, in this screenshot I have used my browser to search for "Tracey" so I can find a post and image by her:

You can do this same type of search by:

  • Clicking on the bell icon at the top of the page and reading the latest comments (these will be listed in order of submission, not necessarily in the order of the lessons and activities), or
  • By clicking on each student's name on the People page.

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