Ruzuku Payments - Price points: create a price for a course (PayPal & Stripe)

The first step to creating a price for your course is to set up Ruzuku Payments by integrating your  PayPal and/or  Stripe account with Ruzuku.

As part of completing your course for registration, you will set the pricing for your course. For example, if you would like your course price to be $100, you can also create other special prices. Here are some examples:

  • You can create a standard price of $100, and
  • You can add an early-bird price of $75, and
  • You can add a last-minute price of $90, and
  • You can create a VIP price of $150, to offer a high tier of training, or access to personalized sessions with you, etc..
  • You can create a free price point ($0) to enable enrollment of students who paid you outside of Ruzuku.

These prices are just examples to give you an idea of how you might use price points in your course.

Currently, multiple-course package pricing are not available options through Ruzuku. If you would like to offer these types of payments, please use your PayPal or Stripe account to take take payment outside of Ruzuku, and then send paid participants an invitation to join your course using the Invite Students feature in the Student Dashboard of the course editor.

If you are subscribed to our Up-and-Comer PLUS! plan and have a Stripe account integrated with Ruzuku, you can create price points for subscriptions and payment plans.

In addition to offering several levels of pricing for each of your courses, you can attach coupons to these prices to offer special discounts.  Creating coupons is covered in another resource article.

How To Set A Price For Your Course

These instructions assume you have already configured integrations with your Paypal or Stripe account(s). If you have not yet completed this step, please follow the instructions to integrate with PayPal or integrate with Stripe.

  1. Go the the "My Courses" page.
  2. Click on "Manage Course."
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on "Pricing."
  4. By default, a new course does not have any price points associated with it. You must create a price point for your course, even if the course is free.
  5. To add a Price Point, click the "Add Price Point" button.
  6. Create the price point name.
  7. Check "free" if you are creating a free price point, or "paid" if you are creating a paid price point.
  8. For the paid option, enter the price of this price point in the "Course Price" field, then select your payment methods. If you have integrated both Paypal and Stripe with your Ruzuku account, you will have the option to accept both as payment options for the course. This means that students purchasing your course can pay with either Paypal or Stripe.  

    Simply uncheck either box if you prefer to accept payments with only one service. Price points in currencies other than USD are available only through Stripe.
  9. If this price point is the default, check the "Is default price point" option.
  10. When you're finished creating the price point, click the Save Price Point button.

IMPORTANT: Optional price point fields include Available Seats, date the price point Opens, and date the price point Closes. Use of these fields with a price point will impact their availability for student course enrollment. The most frequent enrollment issue we hear about is the use of the Opens and Closes fields restricting enrollment in a course otherwise open for enrollment. Set course enrollment window parameters on the Scheduling screen of the course editor, and not through the price points you create. Use these optional fields only if required to limit enrollment at a specific price.

Please be sure to set the "is default price point" flag on the price point students should be enrolling with. If a student attempts to enroll using a special price point or coupon that is not active or correctly used for some reason, instead of the enrollment being declined, the student will be offered enrollment at the price point marked as "default".

To set up payment plans and subscriptions for your course, with an Up-and-Comer PLUS! subscription and a Stripe account, please refer to the instructions in the related articles shown below.

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