Student management overview

Each course includes a Student Management Dashboard to report student enrollments, invitations, payments and progress.

The Student Management Dashboard contains five tabs: Overview, Signups, Invitations, Payments and Progress.

Through the Dashboard, you can:

  • Download a list of student emails, using the CSV download link.
  • Search for students in the course.
  • View individual payments from students.
  • View the Price Point a student used to enroll in the course.
  • Cancel Stripe subscriptions.
  • Refund a Stripe subscription payment.
  • Invite Students to enroll in the course for free.
  • Delete enrolled students.
  • See how many discussion posts have been created.
  • View student progress in the course. 

    Note: Progress can be tracked only if students use the "Mark as Complete" button as they finish each activity.

You can drill into each student's information by clicking on his/her name in any of the Student Management dashboard tabs. 

Once in an individual student's profile, you can remove a student from the course by clicking the "remove from course" button. If this student is paying via a Stripe subscription, this will also cancel their subscription.

The student drill-down also includes a history of his/her payments, and a button to cancel the student's Stripe subscription, if they have one. 

You can also refund a Stripe subscription payment by clicking the refund button.

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