Tutorial: create your first course

Part 1: Account Set-Up

  1. Set up your Ruzuku account

Part 2: Content

  1. Create your course
  2. Create your lesson
  3. Create your activity
  4. Add content to your activity
  5. Style your course
  6. Optional: Schedule a video webinar or teleconference

Part 3: Sales & Pricing

  1. Create your price
  2. Create your coupon code
  3. Create your Ruzuku sales page

Part 4: Publishing

  1. Schedule your course
  2. Schedule your lessons (Skip this step if your course is open access.)
  3. Set up Welcome and Start of Course email notifications
  4. Test the payment and enrollment process
  5. Invite students to join your course


If you get stuck at any point in this process, email us at support@ruzuku.com. Our Customer Support desk is open from 9 am - 5 pm EST Monday - Friday. We're happy to answer your questions within 24 business hours. :)

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