Invite students to enroll in your course

The process for inviting students to join your course depends on how you've set up your course registration and payment processes.

This tutorial assumes that you are using Ruzuku's sales page. It also assumes that you are taking payments directly via Ruzuku, or that your course is free.

How to Invite Students Via Price Point Links

These instructions assume you have already set up one or more price points for your course. If you have not yet completed this step, please follow the instructions to  set a price point.

  1. Go the the "My Courses" page.
  2. Click on "Manage Course."
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on "Pricing." 

  4. On the "Pricing" page, click the name of the price point you want to share with your future students. 
  5. On the detail screen for this price point, click on the "links" tab.
  6. You can either send participants to the Ruzuku-hosted sales page for your course (use the Sales Page link), or directly to the enrollment form (use the Enrollment Page link).

    Both links are available to you by clicking the link icon next to the price point you would like to share.

    What's the difference between the Sales Page link and the Enrollment Page link? The Sales Page link takes participants to your Ruzuku Sales Page, while the Enrollment Page link takes participants to a payment/registration page.

    Note: The Course Sales Page and Enrollment page links located in the Sign Up tab of your course apply only to the DEFAULT price point. Be sure to use the links shown above, in Step 4, to send the correct price-related enrollment link to your participants.
  7. Simply copy your preferred link using the copy icon, and send it out to participants eligible for that particular price.

How to Invite Students Via Coupon Code Links

  1. Go the the "My Courses" page.
  2. Click on "Manage Course."
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on "Coupons." 

  4. You have two options to share Coupon Codes:
    1. Include the name of your discount code in your marketing emails, along with a link to your Ruzuku sales page.
    2. Send a link to your students with the coupon code already applied to the price of your course.
  5. To share the discount code, copy the name of your code into your emails, social media, etc.
  6. To share the link with the code already applied, click on the pencil icon for the coupon you wish to share. 

  7. On the detail screen for this coupon code, click on the "links" tab.
  8. Copy the link from the Sales Page field and paste it wherever you are encouraging students to sign up for your course (emails, social media posts, etc.) 

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