Create a sales page

We want to make the sales process as easy as possible for you. 

That's why we included a basic sales page template inside each Ruzuku course. You can add images, text, and even embed a video (if you know a little HTML).

How to Create a Ruzuku Sales Page 

These instruction assume that you have already integrated your PayPal and/or Stripe account with Ruzuku and set a paid price for your course.

  1. Go the the "My Courses" page.
  2. Click on "Manage Course."
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on "Sign Up."  
  4. You should be on the Sales Page section under the Sales link. 
  5. Enter your sales page content in the Sales Page Copy section. 

    The sales page content section takes up the entire right-hand column on your sales page. 

    Standard formatting options are available: insert images, bold or italicize text, and create different header and subheaders using the backwards P icon. 

    If you're familiar with HTML, you can also click on the "HMTL" button to edit the code for this page directly. This will allow you to embed a video from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.
  6. If you have a course logo already uploaded for the course, you will see an additional option to display both your course logo and course title on the sales page.

    Simply check the box and both the course logo and title will display on the Sales page.
  7. Click "Save" when you're finished.
  8. Click on the "Style" link in the upper right corner of the Course management screen.
  9. You are now on the Course Style page.

  10. Upload a square course image, no more than 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall.

    The square course image will display in the upper left corner of your sales page, below the "register now" button. This same image will also display on your course overview page, which is the home page for learners once they've registered for your course.
  11. Click "Save" when you're finished.
  12. Click on the "Settings" link in the upper right corner of the Course Management screen.
  13. You are now on the Course Settings page.

  14. Write a short 3-5 sentence summary of your course that describes what your course is about and what your learners will get out of it. 

    This overview will display in the left-hand column of your sales page, and it will also be displayed on the course overview page.
  15. Click "Save" when you're finished.

    Tip: to preview your sales page, click the "preview" button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

This is what the sales page looks like for Ruzuku 101: Create, Sell & Teach Your Course, a free course we offer periodically to our guides. Note how the course logo, summary, and sales page copy appear on the Ruzuku sales page.

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