Are quizzes and tests available?

If you have an Up-and-Comer subscription, you can use our basic multiple choice quiz functionality.

If you have a Bootstrapper subscription, or if you would like to incorporate other types of quizzes in your course activities, you can create one using an outside tool and then embed it into your course. We do provide basic multi-choice polls in each lesson activity, or you can use a tool like  ProProfs and Poll Daddy to create more complicated quizzes.

Bear in mind that courses on Ruzuku aren't designed for certification or based on assessments. You can't require that someone "pass" a test before moving on to the next lesson in your course.

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Additional details: How to link to or embed a ProProfs quiz

The easiest option is simply to insert a link to the quiz in an activity in Ruzuku. 

You can also embed the quiz directly into the activity. 

To do that, use ProProf's   instructions on embedding.

In Ruzuku, you'll click "embed" and paste in the ProProfs code.  

Then save and preview the activity.

Note: we only support secure embeds. To make the embed secure, you should change any instances of "http" in the embed code to "https." 

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