PayPal: use a PayPal account with Ruzuku

To integrate your PayPal account with Ruzuku we will need your PayPal API information. 

Note: You need a PayPal Premier Account or Business Account to get API credentials, which means you may need to upgrade your Paypal account.

How do you know if you need to upgrade your account? Unfortunately, there's no easy way. If you follow the steps below and the API information is not present, then you probably need to upgrade your account.

Upgrading your PayPal account is pretty simple, actually.

Under the Welcome message that sits just below the navigation menus, you'll see Account Type information. If your account type is Personal, you need to upgrade. To do this, click Upgrade, review the available options, select the account type you need, and click "Upgrade Now".

Please note that we can't support you in upgrading your PayPal account. We provide these instructions as a courtesy and because we know how frustrating it is when you're trying to integrate two services and they both tell you it's the other person's fault it's not working.

How to Integrate PayPal and Ruzuku

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. Log into your Ruzuku account in a different tab.
  3. Go into your  Ruzuku Integrations tab (click on your name at the top of the page, and then on Integrations > PayPal).
  4. Locate your PayPal API information in your PayPal account. (Instructions on how to do this are included below.)
  5. Copy your API information into the PayPal integration page on Ruzuku.
  6. Save your changes.

Note: Please ensure you copy the API credentials exactly as they are displayed in PayPal. If there is any discrepancy in your API information, participants will not be able to complete payment through Paypal. Check for extra spaces in your API information. This is a common problem when copying directly out of the PayPal website. Extra spaces at the beginning or end of the API keys will cause the integration to fail. We recommend copying the information to a text editor and then copying/pasting from there, to remove any hidden spaces.

Important: Be sure to use the PayPal Express Checkout option with your PayPal account.

Where Do I Look on PayPal To Find My API Information?

The hardest part about setting up your PayPal API information is actually finding the right screen on PayPal. This walk through will hopefully make that process easier.

Once you've logged into PayPal, find the Profile link.

From the Profile menu, click Profile & Settings. 

Once the page loads, you should see a menu on the left, divided into four sections. The last section is My selling tools. In that section, you will find API Access and a link to update.

Click on Update.

From the API Access page, click "View API Signature" under NVP/SOAP API Integration.

From the next page, you'll see the API credentials you need to integrate with Ruzuku:

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Signature

You'll want to save this information to copy it into Ruzuku.

Don't see the API credentials? You may need to request a set of credentials first!

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