Teleconference: host a Ruzuku teleconference

How to Host a Teleconference

To host a teleconference, first note that your course must be "published," meaning you have set a start date and course type. 

See:  How do I open registration for my course?

Enter the Event

  1. Go the Events section of your course.
  2. Click the name of the event you're going to host.

Begin The Call

Once you've entered your scheduled event, you'll see a page with the phone number and PIN code displayed, along with the chat box and your presentation (if you uploaded one.)

To start the call:

  1. Dial the call-in phone number.
  2. Enter the PIN code.

As participants dial in, you’ll see their names & photos displayed on the page, along with a speaker icon. They will appear under the "On the Call" heading.

As the moderator of the call, you have the ability to mute and un-mute participants at any time. 

All callers are muted when they first join the call. Click the speaker icon to mute & un-mute participants.

When someone is un-muted, they will also appear as "On the Air."

Live Chat

Live chat is available beginning one hour before the event start time, and throughout the duration of the event.   

Participants who are on the event page can use the live chat to post comments and questions, or to ask to be un-muted so that they can participate live on the call.

When someone includes a question mark with their comment, their chat will be highlighted with green.

Note: The content of the live chat is not accessible after the event has ended. If you'd like to keep the comments and questions, we recommend copying the contents of the chat, and pasting it into a document.

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